Business Loan: Loan for small and medium-sized businesses.



Anyone who knows Capital Lender to the question on the Institute’s country of origin will certainly answer with extreme confidence that it is a bank born in the Netherlands. The typical orange color, in fact, characterizes one of the largest banks with pre-eminence of online services and is a sign of origin from the Netherlands.

The origins date back, even, to the end of the 19th century when two insurance companies, typical activities for countries with a strong port vocation given the need to insure loads, come together to form a single insurance group and then become the National Bank of Insurance on life.

In short, the expansion reaches all continents, with particular regard to the countries of North America, Canada in the first place. In Italy it arrives at the beginning of the twenty-first century with the product that, at least in our country, has always characterized its identification: the orange account, an independent deposit account that, even now, can be opened and linked to bank accounts of any other credit institution and which, although today has interests almost close to zero, at the time of launch and presentation to the market it also offered interest of 5% per annum.

After a period of crisis between 2009 and 2010, the Bank is now among the most solid on the international scene and has started all the services of a traditional credit institution also in Italy: mortgages, loans, current accounts and savings management, insurance and business financing.

Present in over 40 countries all over the world, Capital Lender has only 1,300,000 customers in Italy with just 32 fixed points and 900 employees, a sign of the value almost dedicated to the online market.

Financing for the companies of the Lite Lender Company: Lite Lender Loan

Financing for the companies of the Orange Group: Orange Business Loan

Capital Lender, as anticipated, has started all the traditional activities of the banks and, despite a very limited physical presence on the territory, the Credit Institute also reaches small and medium-sized enterprises with its offers.

In the common tradition, companies commonly rely on local banks to obtain loans, bank overdrafts that allow to manage the overdrafts deriving from the time elapsed between the issue of an invoice and the actual collection and for any financial need.

In the perspective of online banks, this relationship with the territory is overcome and Capital Lender, with its own dedicated rib for businesses, provides those services of traditional banks without the need for branches.

Everything is managed via the web and the customer who intends to apply for this type of loan, after opening the dedicated page on the Bank’s website, has already started the loan request procedures.

The indications are clear and easily traceable on the site with a few clicks and the potential customer, as first information, discovers that he can obtain a dedicated loan for a minimum amount of 3,000 USD and a maximum of 100,000 repayable in 12 monthly installments.

The advantage of the procedure is that the verification of the applicant’s possession of the requisites and, consequently, the crediting of the requested amount, takes place in a very short time allowing the company to count on the necessary amount by shortening downtime.

Lite Lender Loan – as required

Orange Business Loan - as required

Applying for a loan for your company is extremely simple and there is no need to send any document to Capital Lender. All data are communicated exclusively via the web or, at most, using e-mail.

In just ten minutes, once the request mirror has been completed, a preliminary verification of the fulfillment of the requirements is obtained and, above all, an indication of the maximum amount that can be requested, if the request exceeds this limit.

The potential customer indicates to Capital Lender the data of his current accounts relating to the company and the complete data of the company for which the loan is requested such as VAT number, tax code, registered office and anything else necessary such as, for some types company, a resolution of the directors with all the signatures attesting the common will to request the loan.

Interesting, for bank account holders at some of the main banking groups in Italy, the possibility of sending the documentation also at a later stage while the checks to the company will start anyway, therefore starting the procedure pending recovery of the rest of the documentation required.

These data, which will allow Capital Lender to verify the financial flows and therefore the solidity of the company, will serve to ensure that the customer and his own company meet the basic requirements to be able to get into debt.

The loan is not tied to the absence of further loans or overdrafts in progress, but it is clear that before accepting further indebtedness, the potential creditor checks the solvency of the potential debtor. In addition to these checks, Capital Lender performs all the traditional checks and then confirms the customer’s acceptance of the loan request.

Once the request has been accepted, the customer will receive a copy of the contract for the necessary subscription which can take place both in paper form, with the return by mail or ordinary mail of the signed copy, and in digital form for those who have a digital signature.

The interest rate applied

The interest rate applied

The type of loan, as we have indicated, is short: the maximum time for the repayment of the amount is only 12 months so it is even more important that the interest rate is adequate to the needs.

Specifically, Capital Lender calculates the interest rate by personalizing it on the applicant and his personal history. Based on the documentation sent, the reconstruction of the company’s credit history will allow the Capital Lender platform to calculate a rate targeted at the applicant company, proving, in this aspect, very similar to the local banks which, as tradition, could offer loans to businesses in its local market thanks to targeted agreements aimed at incentivising local businesses.

In this case, the verification is not linked to the territory but to the credit history, but the effect that is determined is similar with offers also suited to the customer’s possibilities.

To have a basic understanding, for a loan of 20,000 USD, the average conceivable APR is 5.74% with an average monthly payment of around 1,700 USD. The repayment of principal and interest takes place in a fixed and stable manner. The same fixed fee and the same principal are reimbursed each month.

Business Loan – Advances for 2019

Business Loan - Advances for 2019

2018 saw the banking group Capital Lender win the prize of the Banking Association (BA) as the best financial product for businesses in terms of innovation. The absence of paper in the management of the application and the absence of requests for documents ensured particularly lean procedures that led to the victory of this prestigious recognition. 2019 opens with the need to continue to innovate and, perhaps, to win further awards so that the advances of the Group’s projects still go in this direction.