Cash loan immediately without Credit Bureau

In the German credit world, it is not intended to issue a cash loan immediately without Credit Bureau. German banks always work with Credit Bureau, so there is hardly a chance at a bank to get a cash loan immediately without Credit Bureau. However, the Credit Bureau can be avoided, so that a loan can still take place.

Loan from abroad

Loan from abroad

Loans are usually taken out here in Germany. However, many forget or simply do not know, then as a German citizen you can also take out a loan in Belgium or Switzerland. Here, a cash loan is granted immediately without Credit Bureau. The banks abroad do not know Credit Bureau, so it cannot be checked. To do this, the customer must meet other requirements so that a loan can be granted.

On the one hand, the customer must have reached the age of 18 in order to receive a cash credit without Credit Bureau. Furthermore, a copy of the ID must be presented, because it shows that the child is of legal age and that he is resident in Germany. Some banks abroad also want a copy of the registration confirmation to confirm their place of residence.

When applying, it is important that the applicant can present their proof of salary. Banks want to be sure that the income comes from permanent employment and that it is not a mini job. Evidence of the past three to six months is often sufficient.

The applicant does not have to travel abroad to the bank to take out the loan. An online form is sufficient for this, which can be filled in conveniently at home. As soon as the information has been checked, the loan can be granted. However, this is only in the broadest sense a cash loan immediately without Credit Bureau. The money is transferred to the specified bank and can then be withdrawn.

Credit from private

Credit from private

Another option to get a cash loan immediately without Credit Bureau is to apply to private individuals. The private individual can be the brother or a friend. A contract should always be concluded between both sides. Forms for this can also be found on various Internet portals.

In addition, there are also portals where foreign private individuals can immediately grant a cash loan without Credit Bureau. Here too, a contract is signed before a loan is granted. However, a comparison should be made before signing. Since the interest and conditions of the individual providers are very different, you should first find out which loan offer is tailored to you. It is best to think about the loan amount, the repayment and the interest in advance.

Some providers charge high interest rates, others want to keep installment payments as low as possible. Therefore, a comparison with such a loan is very important. A contract should only be concluded after the examination. As soon as the contract is available to the private lender, he will transfer the loan amount to the borrower’s account. As a rule, monthly installments are also agreed here, which should be adhered to. If there is any arrears, the borrower can be sued. This is unnecessary and, above all, a costly affair.

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