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There are many people in the country who earn their living part-time. On the one hand wanted, but on the other hand also out of necessity. While women with children and a man who also goes to work like to earn a few dollars part-time, there are other groups of people who are only offered one part-time job and would like to work a few more hours. This often happens in retail or in the catering trade, where you have to rely on flexible employees and in many cases you only see this flexibility part-time.

Those who work voluntarily and can get along well with the money have certainly found their dream job. However, if you do not have to put up with the partial employment voluntarily, you will certainly have financial problems from time to time that require a loan for part-time workers. Because those who earn little money through part-time work can save nothing or even little for the purchase of important things and therefore have to think about financing from time to time. But just thinking about it has not yet found and taken out a loan. This is not always so easy, especially with a loan for part-time employees.

The requirements for a loan for part-time workers

The requirements for a loan for part-time workers

As with any other loan, part-time workers must be able to meet some of the requirements for taking out the loan. On the whole, banks and savings banks are always concerned with having good creditworthiness that justifies taking out a loan. You can always get good credit if the credit rating fits as well as the income.

While the credit rating must always be in a positive framework, it is important for the income that it is above the garnishment allowance. Because the banks and savings banks can only seize the income that is located above this magical limit in the event of payment defaults. Unfortunately, many part-time workers are below this limit with their income and therefore have to accept a guarantor or a co-applicant to take out a loan.

These options are available with a loan for part-time workers

These options are available with a loan for part-time workers

A loan for part-time workers can usually not be taken out alone because the income is insufficient. For this reason, you should look for a good surety or co-applicant in good time. This mainly applies to installment loans that are taken out directly from banks and savings banks. A consumer loan, which is taken out from a dealer or an online shop, can also be taken out without a guarantor or co-applicant. Because here the income is only secondary and can also be replaced or replenished with child benefit, maintenance or unemployment benefit. With a consumer loan, it is sufficient to have a good credit rating, since the goods purchased are always regarded as security.

This has to be considered


If the loan for part-time workers has to be taken out with the help of a second person, then this second person must be solvent and have a high income. In addition, it should be very close to the main borrower so that all matters relating to the loan can be quickly discussed. In the best case, the guarantor is therefore the life partner, the parents or the children of the borrower.

In addition, the loan amount should only be set so high that it can be managed by the borrower at any time. Because if the repayment does not work, not only is there a negative entry in the credit rating, no further loans or contracts can be concluded, as this would no longer be possible due to the negative entry.

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